The Virtual Amateur Astronomer® Provides a Visual Journey Through the Universe, Internet Astronomy by Jupiter Scientific
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The Virtual Amateur Astronomer

providing information about and Internet images of

the Universe



     The images of nebulae, galaxies, the planets and other astrophysical objects in an amateur telescope cannot complete with the high quality images now available on the Internet. All one needs is a broad-band connection and a guide to the best astronomical photos on the Web. You need to obtain the former, but Jupiter Scientific, through its Virtual Amateur Astronomer® websubsite, provides the latter. Explore the Universe virtually through the power of the Internet!

(Because images open in a new window, be aware that they may pop up behind your browser.)
(Most images involve a sizeable amount of memory and require high-speed access to the Internet.)


  1. Table of Contents (a site index for the Virtual Amateur Astronomer®)

  2. The Amateur Astronomer Experience (reproduces the viewing experience of an amateur astronomer who possesses a moderately sized telescope)

  3. Best of the Web (a collection of links to Jupiter Scientific's favorite astronomical images)

  4. The Solar System (a tour of the Sun, planets and other bodies that make up our region of outerspace)

  5. Messier Objects (fine photos of the 110 breathtaking objects cataloged by Charles Messier in the 18th century)

  6. Milky Way and Universe (some spectacular images)

  7. Miscellaneous Astronomy Images (superb photos of non-Messier objects)

  8. Other Websites (links to webpages with nice collections of astronomical pictures)

  9. Some Astronomy Definitions


     If you uncover a spectacular, astronomical Internet image, email us at The Jupiter Scientific staff is interested in optical photos that are extraordinarily beautiful. The scientific importance of the the image is secondary.

The Virtual Amateur Astronomer® is brought to you by Jupiter Scientific, an organization devoted to the promotion of science through books, the Internet and other means of communication.

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