Release #24-97
December 23, 1997

Support Grows for "Science Bible"

     Two noteworthy individuals have announced their support of The Bible According to Einstein: A Complement to the Holy Bible for the Third Millennium. The book, to be released in late 1998 by Jupiter Scientific Publishing, already has the endorsements of three Nobel laureates: physicist Sheldon Glashow (Harvard), chemist Glenn Seaborg (Berkeley) and physicist Samuel Ting (MIT). They have described the book as "fascinating," "imaginative" and "most educational." Joining the Nobel laureates are Yolanda Moses and Michio Kaku. Dr. Moses, a nationally prominent anthropologist, is the 74th president of the American Anthropological Association. She is also president of City College of New York. Despite severe budget cuts from New York State, Dr. Moses has fought hard to maintain excellence in education at CCNY. She received her Ph.D. with highest honors from the University of California at Riverside and has had an illustrious career as an anthropologist, educator and administrator. On The Bible According to Einstein, she comments: "This book is an amazing feat that makes nature's laws understandable even to the non-scientist. It, like the Bible, can be read and re-read for enlightenment." Professor Kaku graduated summa cum laude from Harvard in 1968 and received his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. After lecturing at Princeton, he joined the faculty at the City University of New York as a professor of theoretical physics. Dr. Kaku has written nine books. His latest two, Hyperspace and Visions, are best-sellers. With numerous appearances on TV and radio, he has started to play the role of the late Carl Sagan as a spokesperson for science. After reading the book, Dr. Kaku said, "The Bible According to Einstein is a truly remarkable volume, one which skillfully weaves together the latest developments in physics and cosmology with theology. Well-written, lucid, but always scrupulously authoritative in its science, this work is a unique contribution to the on-going dialog between science and religion. Einstein himself grabbled with such cosmic questions, wondering if God had any choice in creating the universe. I think Einstein would have been proud of this work."

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