Release #3-02
August 7, 2002

Jupiter Scientific Launches Revolutionary Educative Preschool Book

    November 1, 2002 is the publication date for an extraordinary new book packed full of educative features for the preschool child. One! Two! Three! This Book 's for Me! teaches the 2-3 year-old toddler counting, colors, the alphabet and a host of other important early-learning issues. For the 4-5 year old, the book assists the parent in teaching a child to read by simplifying the reading process and by using visual aids.

    Using the book and various methods, the author, Stuart Samuel, Ph. D., taught his son, who was just turning four, to read at a first-grade level. Dr. Samuel used scientific methods: Trying many reading exercises (analogous to scientific experiments), he noted the successes and failures (the equivalent of experimental observation) from which he developed theories of early-learning reading. These theories and methods were then tested on other preschoolers. The result is a book for which a preschool child can easily learn various aspects of reading. "One of the most important elements," says Dr. Samuel, "is to render the reading process as simple as possible." The book uses images beneath many words to help the child guess their meanings. In addition, the text is written entirely in capital letters, words are consistently color-coded, sentences rhyme and there is a word/picture glossary. Dr. Samuel is developing an information-packed pamphlet entitled How I Taught My Four-Year-Old Son to Read for use in conjunction with the book.

    The pictures accompanying the text not only assist the child in reading but children are intrigued by how images on different pages are connected by various elements (mountains, a red fence, green trees, etc.). Parents will want to buy this book to set their love ones on a path to early learning.

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