Release #3-01
August 17, 2001

Web Traffic Soars at

    During the first two weeks of August, more than 40,000 distinct individuals visited Jupiter Scientific's website. The majority were seeking information about the Perseid Meteor shower, which is the "old faithful" of annual meteor showers. Jupiter Scientific provides useful information about the viewing of, the history of and the origin of the shower. The web page is updated yearly and has been praised by web surfers as being among the best on the topic.

    From August 5 to August 11, 28,782 web surfers clicked into the site, surpassing the previous one-week record total 16,630, which occurred in November, 1999 when the website was cited for its excellence on Public Radio International.

    Jupiter Scientific, which is dedicated to the promotion of science through books, the internet, and other means of communication, has created an award-winning website (8 separate awards) that provides scientific information, news, book reviews, reporting and educational material.

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