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April 4, 2000

"Science Bible" Passes Through Great Wall

    The Great Wall was constructed in the second century BC to keep invaders out of China. Over the years and for much of the 20th century, The People's Republic had shut its gates to outsiders and instituted a policy of material and intellectual protectionism. At the height of communism, Chairman Mao did not allow Western ideas to "corrupt" the minds of his people. But with national economies now highly dependent on global commerce and the advent of the Internet, in which walls cannot be constructed, China has been forced to open its doors to the outside world.

    The recent sale of the translation rights of The Bible According to Einstein: A Scientific Complement to the Holy Bible for the Third Millennium (Jupiter Scientific Publishing, 1999) to the Hainan Publishing House exemplifies the changing times. Never would such a controversial book be permitted on the streets of China during the reign of Mao. The deal, which was orchestrated by the foreign rights agent East Communication (Beijing), will lead to a translation of the scientific tome into Chinese simplified characters within a year. "We are delighted that the book is going to be made available to the more than one billion people living in China," said Mr. Stewart Allen, President of Jupiter Scientific Publishing.

    The 250,000-word treatise, which superficially looks like the Bible and is written in King James phraseology, replaces religious issues with science. Its Old Testament narrates a complete history of the Universe, Earth and life, while its New Testament houses Nature's great designs -- the laws of physics. Three Nobel laureates praise The Bible According to Einstein on its back cover including the Chinese born physicist Samuel Ting (now at MIT) who describes the book as "fascinating and most educational."

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