Book Reviews of The Bible According to Einstein

* "The Bible According to Einstein combines biblical history and historical events of the universe to make one great book. If you are a fan of the Good Book, astronomy and science, The Bible According to Einstein is a fascinating read." -- Pete Garcia, The Alice Echo News

* "This is an epic work." -- Ken Frazier, The Skeptical Inquirer: The Magazine of Science and Reason

* "I usually 'clean house' every few years, and donate most of the books overflowing my bookcases. A rare few fall into that 'keep forever' category. The Bible According to Einstein is one of them." -- Douglas Malcolm,   Read the Complete Review

* "There's a lot of enjoyable reading in The Bible According to Einstein. Keep it next to your Bible, or whatever moral text you happen to subscribe to." -- James Gillies, CERN Courier Read the Complete Review (go halfway down the webpage)

* "The Bible According to Einstein is a good. It is a decent work of reference." -- Al Case,

* "This book promises to do for science what the Holy Bible has done for Judeo-Christian religions." -- The Free Press   Read the Complete Review

* "This is an amazing book of scientific erudition presented with care and kindness towards theology. . . .  The decision to use Biblical rhetoric is a stroke of brilliance. . . .  This impressive volume is well worth reading." -- Tom Bowden, Tech Directions

* "The Bible According to Einstein unveils the intrinsic beauty of the natural universe emancipated from the illusions and distractions of creation myths." -- The Midwest Book Review

* "It is completely fascinating. . . . It is a highly entertaining and instructive book; it's quite pricey, at $34.95, but would provide years of enjoyment and endless topics of conversation." -- The Fort Fairfield Review
(Publisher's Comment: has been offering the book for less.)

* "A unique book has been born that describes the evolution of our world." -- TASS News Agency   Read the Complete Review

* "The authors have been clever enough to find a way of communicating science to the public that is without precedence." -- Chemistry in Britain

* "Ultimately, it would take a philosopher of religion or science to properly tease out the intersection of science and religion. Yet to attempt to reconcile the two is in and of itself worthwhile." -- Education Update

* "It is quite interesting.   .   .   .   I love it." -- Jamie Talan of Newsday (N.Y.)

* "The Bible According to Einstein is a down-to-earth yet thought-provoking tome that ingeniously relates modern scientific truths and theorems as they interact with mainstream religious philosophies. . . . The book gives readers a truly dazzling juxtaposition of history, nature, laws and philosophy . . . a mainstream work aimed at spreading the world of science much as the word of God was spread by the Bible." -- Kenneth J. Moore of the Naples Daily News   Read the Complete Review

* "The new, 634-page book is an entertaining effort at explaining the scientific knowledge of the past 2,000 years, written in an engaging style that can be enjoyed by non-scientists." -- John Fauber of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

* "Had Einstein written the Bible, it would read like this. . . . surprisingly easy to read for a book on science. . . . This book can easily be place in the bookshelf alongside the Holy Bible as long as the reader remembers the one feeds the mind while the other stirs the soul." -- The Anniston Star  Read the Complete Review

* " . . .  bravely and effectively confronting the issue of religious truth and scientific truth  . . .  makes for enjoyable reading  . . .  a definite first of its kind  . . .  " -- Monthly Notes of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa

* "It is well-written and fascinating. It reads much like the Bible." -- Coral Springs - Parkland Forum Newspaper

* "It is enlightening to know one's place in the universe. Many of the world's religions are based in part in achieving a greater spiritual consciousness. Why should we not also strive to achieve a better awareness of the physical world? After all, it is the world in which we live. . . .  During the past few centuries, scientists have uncovered a great wealth of new information about the world. Yet many people only know a small fraction of this knowledge. . . .  One purpose of The Bible According to Einstein is to convey this knowledge in a way that enlightens. We now know the answer to important questions such as 'What was the three-billion-year-long evolution that led to the rise of our species, the Homo sapiens?', 'How did the Sun, Earth, planets and Moon form?', and 'When did the first nuclei and atoms appear?' Scientists are also close to answering fundamental questions such as 'How did life on Earth first arise?' and 'What is the secret biological code hidden in DNA?'  . . .  It is enjoyable to read the paragraphs aloud and slowly  . . .  The Bible According to Einstein uses other literary devices such as symbolism to enhance the feeling of the text." -- Journal of Science Education and Technology

* "What science lacks, perhaps, is an exposition of its achievements of the magnificence of the Bible. . . .  The Bible According to Einstein tries to fill this gap." -- Chemistry and Industry

* "It is a fascinating book filled with educational points." -- Suzanna Martins, Science Editor of The Edition

* "I enjoyed theories on the science behind miracles such as the plagues." -- Nola Taylor, & Sky Telescope Magazine

* "An ambitious effort to bring together the scientific and the spiritual." -- The HMSBeagle of BioMedNet

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