The Book of Mythology of The Bible According to Einstein

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The New Testament                                       279

The Books of the Solar System

Lift up thy eyes to Heaven and behold.

The first book of Planetology, called


And long ago, an ancient civilization ascribed to objects in the solar system godly characteristics and assigned them mythological purposes. And the Sun, Helios, became the goddess of energy. And She was commanded to burn in Her inside and radiate from Her outside. And Her radiation swept across outer space like unto a chariot drawn by four horses. And the children of Helios, the nine Planets, also became gods and goddesses. Mercury became the god of cosmic transportation. And He watched over the motions of the other heavenly bodies. And He made sure that they obeyed the laws of Nature and conformed to the rules of fair exchange, such as the conservation of energy and momentum. And Venus became the goddess of attractive forces. And Venus made sure that two massive objects wanted to move toward each other. And Earth became the goddess of life and living things. And Mars became the god of violent activity, making stars explode in supernovas. And He caused galaxies to collide and undergo galactic war. And Jupiter became the god of electromagnetism. He caused lightning to flash in atmospheres. And Saturn became the goddess of cosmic dust and grain. And She created nebulae, planets and other non-stellar objects out of the seeds of cosmic dust. And Uranus became the goddess of the heavens. She calmed the Universe when it was in its quantum-gravity beginning and fueled Inflation when the Universe expanded exponentially. And She slowed Inflation to a graceful conclusion. Now Neptune became the god of cosmic seas. He watched over empty outer space, created giant voids among the galactic clusters and instilled in the fabric of space the desire to stretch and to expand. And Pluto became the god of far-away worlds. And wearing a helmet that rendered


269 It is important to distinguish myth from reality. Likewise, one should know the difference between an astronomer and an astrologer. Now astrologers are false prophets (no different from those who play with Tarot cards). And he who knows the Universe knows why, for astrologers try to predict the future based on the positions of the planets. And this is nonsense, for the sphere of influence of the planets is limited -- their weak gravities can be hardly felt on Earth. And so the positions of the planets can have little effect on events on Earth.

(And a voice spake, saying
"Beware of false prophets.")
Now on the other hand, astronomers are true prophets, for they predict the planets based on the laws of Nature. And they can do this because Nature's laws are universal and valid everywhere. Thus to predict the position of a planet is a worthy endeavor.
(And a voice spake, saying
"Hearken ye unto these words:
omnipresent are the laws of Nature.")

280                       The Bible According to Einstein

Him invisible to the unaided eye, He watched over the black holes in the Universe. Thus in ancient times, the assignment of attributes and duties led to the personification of the Planets.

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