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The New Testament                                        13
The twenty-second book of Creation
and the first book of the New Testament, called


And a line in time was drawn.

Chapter I: Australopithecus

And man was separated from the ape
and made to rule over flocks of sheep.

I t was five-million years ago. The jungles of Africa were thick with vegetation -- trees strove to grow to be the highest trees; vines wrapped around their trunks; bushes stood in each other's way; tall grasses grew wherever grass could grow. And the jungles were full of life, from the colonies of tiny ants dwelling in small mounds of earth, to the herds of giant elephants swinging long trunks as they strode forth. And Earth's animals were free -- they were free to climb the trees, free to feed wherever food was found, free to roam the land. And birds of exotic colors flew from limb to limb. And giraffes did stretch their necks to reach for leaves. And crocodiles were on the lookout in the swamps. And screeching monkeys jumped chaotically in trees, while lonely lions roamed the wild.
      And it came to pass that a thunderstorm swept over eastern central Africa. And rain streamed down in lines from clouds above and pelted trees and earth below. And it rained until the evening and then stopped. Now the next day when the Sun rose up, the last few clouds had fled. And heat began to bake the land. And vapors rose up everywhere and curled about Earth's vegetation. And in the shade of jungle trees, mist condensed and did get thick. And a soft wind blew the mist about, making it turn as in a whirlpool. And the movement of the mist did seem to have a purpose, as if someone with a finger stirred it. And out of the steamy jungle and into an open field emerged an ape-like creature -- it was a female proto-hominid.1 And as she stretched her arms apart and received the rays of morning sun, the fur on her wide chest was warmed. Then she turned and disappeared into the jungle and was gone.
      And the morning Sun inched up the sky. And mist did lift and earth did dry. The air was clear and fresh.
      Now this female proto-hominid was different from the proto-hominids of the middle-Miocene, for she spent more time on land than in the trees. And when she ran, she ran on all four limbs -- she galloped awkwardly and slowly. But when she walked, it was with just her two hind limbs. And that left her two forelimbs thus dangling by her sides.


1Hominid means "man-like."

14                         The Bible According to Einstein
      And that night, she slept in the safety of a sturdy bough. And a cosmic ray was sent from outer space. And the ray descended through the clouds to Earth and struck a piece of DNA2 within an egg-cell in her womb. And when the DNA did duplicate, it duplicated in a different way. And some changes in some genes were made.3
      And many months went by. And it came to pass that the female proto-hominid gave birth. She held the newborn in her arms and nurtured him.
      And many years went by. And the newborn grew into a healthy adolescent. But he was slightly different from his mother proto-hominid. Now he had long arms and short legs like her. But his mouth and chin were well forward while his forehead was receded. He had the body of an ape. And his face was as the face of a large chimpanzee. His teeth and skull were bigger than his mother's. He was a beast that was more human-like. And these things would be true of his descendants.
      And so it came to pass in Kenya that the proto-hominid evolved into the hominid. And this first hominid was provided with a name. And the name was australopithecus, which means the "southern ape."



2For the definitions of words such as DNA, see the Index/Glossary
3Genetic changes from cosmic rays are rare occurrences. More commonly are genetic changes created by other reasons: exposure to ultraviolet light, environmental poisoning, contact with certain chemicals, random errors in reproduction of DNA, et cetera.

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